Enjoying wine according to latest methods

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6-piece ‘Starter Set wine service: Enjoying wine’ New with triple functionality: pouring, ventilation, decantation a) The spout provides for dip-free pouring. b) The aerator adds air automatically during pouring. Improves the taste of wine. Offers a reproducible comparison basis for tests/degustations of wines. c) The decanter separates the wine from the sediment/deposit at the best. The expensive carafe purchase and laborious washing lapse. The temperature of the wine can be determined quickly and without wine contact with the hygienic temperature cuff at the wine bottle. Wine with a  drinking temperature determined by the producer is ideal for the wine aroma, applicable for transparent wine degustations and more stomach friendly at the same time. Opened bottles with a rest of wine can simply be vacuumised for an optimal enjoyment within the following days: produce negative pressure inside and close the bottle with one of the two vacuum valve stoppers, temporarily and for reuse. When vacuuming? Turn the silver ring at the valve and select the appropriate day out of 31.

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Starter set wine service: Enjoying wine according to latest method:

Upon e-mail order and prepayment a 6-piece set is delivered:

  • 1 x  presentable gift box
  • 1 x  decanter (incl. additional functions: ventilation/pouring)
  • 1 x  guide chromium steel thermometer
  • 1 x  vacuum device (production of vacuum in the bottle)
  • 2 x  stoppers with valves (provide for lasting negative pressure of 2 bottles)


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2 reviews for Enjoying wine according to latest methods

  1. Ming Andrea

    Ein wunderschönes Geschenk und sehr funktional!

  2. gralion torile

    Hello.This article was really motivating, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this issue last Thursday.

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